• Using MyLab Statistics to develop a growth mindset

    Over 30 years ago, American psychologist, Carol Dweck developed a theory about students' attitudes to failure after studying the behaviour of thousands of children and the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. She discovered it was possible to change a person’s mindset from fixed to growth and, when this happens, it leads to their increased motivation and achievement. (See reference below.)

    MyLab digital learning tools can be used effectively as part of a growth mindset approach to teaching, and this was a recurring theme in a recent webinar hosted by Ahmed Samir, from our Digital Services Team in Dubai. Participants from across the region met Dr. Bonnie Rosenblatt, a Cognitive Psychologist and college educator of over 20 years, who teaches an online statistics course at Reading Area Community College in Pennsylvania, USA.  She is a Pearson Faculty Advisor and has been teaching mathematics and statistics, using MyLab Statistics extensively since 2010. Here’s what we learned:

    Dr. Rosenblatt acknowledges that many students come into class with a fear of Math or the belief that they aren’t very good at it. She encourages students to understand that through repeated practice and trying new strategies, they will get better at these subjects – and this attitude makes a big difference to learning outcomes. 

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  • Helping HE students sharpen their Business Communication skills

    Featuring practical advice, time-tested processes and real-world examples, Excellence in Business Communication (by John Thill and Courtland Bovee) will help your higher education students hone and develop essential communication skills.

    New and updated content includes:

    • The latest business communication concepts and techniques – the role of communication in DEI, effective online meetings and collaboration and new developments in intelligent communication technology.
    • ‘On-the-Job’ vignettes and simulations – demonstrating how professionals apply essential skills.
    • Communications exercises from real companies – discussing how they were delivered and how the messages could be improved.
    • Practice opportunities with writing and editing fundamentals for business English – exercises to improve grammar, mechanics and usage.
    • Realistic exercises, activities and cases – helping students practice the communication skills they’ve been building.

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    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292450117 and providing your contact details.

    Building essential skills for business success

    Create courses that best fit the unique needs of your curriculum and your students with digital tools that activate and engage learners. MyLab’s online assessments and data tell you how students are doing, as they go, so you can decide what to teach and how best to teach it.

    Learn more about MyLab Business Communication

    Top tips for using MyLab Business Communication

    To embed the learning principles of this text, MyLab has digital resources that will really engage your higher education students and also support you, including:

    • Interactive quizzes that provide timely student feedback and address learning gaps.
    • Real-world Communication Mini Sims – across digital, social and traditional written media – help students edit and improve their business writing, step-by-step.
    • Decision-Making Mini Sims that put students in business professional roles to practice and apply course concepts as they make choices about real business challenges.
    • Video Assignments with accompanying assessment questions.
    • Dynamic Study Modules that test existing knowledge and identify topics and concepts that learners need to review.
    • AI-assisted and auto-graded writing prompts allow educators to integrate critical thinking exercises without significantly adding to their grading tasks.

    Start the digital transformation of your course today

    We hope that you’ll choose Excellence in Business Communication with the interactive digital tools of MyLab Business Communication for your next course.

    We’re here to help you integrate our engaging digital content and assessment tools into your next Business Communications course – ask your Pearson representative for more information.


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  • Digital learning tools give your Finance students the advantage

    The face of teaching has changed rapidly in the last few years. Teaching aids and resources that were only gradually becoming available in some educational institutions before the Covid-19 pandemic, suddenly came to the forefront across the sector. Out of necessity, new ways of enabling students to learn and study rapidly appeared. It is now recognized that digital tools really can activate learning, leading to more fully engaged learners. Another considerable benefit is that online assessments and data tell you how students are doing, as they go, so you can decide what to teach (or reteach) and how best to teach it.

    So as business students across the region have returned to their lessons for a new academic year, here are some things that you might like to know about the way that MyLab Finance digital tools can support students taking courses in the subject, helping them to achieve even better results.

    MyLab Finance can help you:

    • Manage large cohorts and multiple class sections.
    • Let other instructors copy your settings, for a standardized syllabus across your department.
    • Add, remove or modify existing instructional material to suit the needs of your students or department. MyLab content is tightly integrated with your textbook.
    • Link your LMS platform to MyLab – accessing assignments and rosters and transferring grades with ease.
    • Customize, copy and save lesson settings for future semesters – and even share it with other faculty members.
    • Adjust your instructional strategy, using real-time data.

    MyLab Finance benefits your students:

    • Homework assignments, quizzes and tests are automatically graded – so they get rapid feedback.
    • They get unlimited opportunities to master concepts, and, if they get stuck learning aids, like Help Me Solve This, View an Example and a Financial Calculator, assist them when they need it most.
    • The ’Study Plan’ gives them personalized recommendations, practice opportunities and learning aids to help them stay on track.
    • Conceptual videos tackle challenging topics (including Default Risk, Market Efficiency, Diversification, Mutual Fund Performance) to make them easier for students to grasp.  Videos can be directly assigned to them by their instructor or are available in the multimedia library whenever they need them.

    Learn more about MyLab Finance

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  • Meeting the challenges of teaching and enhancing the learning experience

    With higher education in a state of constant change, it’s no surprise that educators are turning to technology solutions to address some of their biggest teaching challenges. They tell us that these include

    • Student engagement and motivation.
    • Increasing cohort sizes.
    • Changing study expectations.
    • Providing opportunities for learners to apply knowledge through practice. 
    • Ensuring access to learning systems for all.
    • Building 21st century skills – like problem solving and critical thinking.
    • Bridging the gap between school and university.

    In a recent series of four webinars, over 100 participants from across the region joined us to consider how MyLab and Mastering can support students and educators in IT, Chemistry, Math and Management.

    In the first, Ahmed Samir (Higher Education Digital Services) stressed how Pearson is committed to providing tools that address the key challenges, even as they continue to evolve in higher education. Whether you’re taking your first steps to offer a more engaging online learning experience as part of your campus-based course or moving to a hyflex delivery model, our platforms are the perfect tool to support your ambitions. Based on research, they are tried and tested with hundreds of students and educators, they are developed in line with subject and technology changes, and data shows their positive impact on student outcomes.

    MyLab and Mastering are made with straightforward navigation and simple steps to assign work or study course content and our webinars explained how easy it is for educators and students to get started. Here’s a summary of what Ahmed and other session presenters outlined during the four events.

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  • Definitive textbook, now with Revel for extra student learning support and success

    The latest Research Methods for Business Students by Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill offers a clear explanation of theory and concepts that will enable your higher education Business, Marketing and Management students to conduct effective research-led projects or dissertations.

    With a new focus on Diversity and Inclusion, this updated edition:

    • Provides insights on how to draft a critical literature review.
    • Considers sustainability, internet-mediated access and ethical use of purchased data lists.
    • Evaluates interview practices and the use of visual methods.
    • Discusses transcription and qualitative data analysis.
    • Has updated case studies from across the world, from public finance, manufacturing, services and film.
    • Reflects on the impact of COVID-19 on research methods – including the shift from face-to-face interviews to online and telephone interviews.

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292402727 and providing your contact details.

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    Embedding learning with regular feedback

    This edition of Methods for Business Students by Saunders, Lewis & Thornhill is supported by Revel and is packed with active learning features, designed to encourage students to test their subject understanding as they progress through the text. With Revel, students read and practice in one place, with interactive content and assessments integrated throughout the text to provide opportunities for them to explore and apply concepts.

    Learn more about Revel

    Key Revel multimedia active learning features, that specifically support this text, will help students:

    • Tap into a wide range of videos, audio clips and articles – each with an open-response activity, to help them learn through doing.
    • Apply what they have learned to their own research project to build a full proposal by the end of the module with the Progressing Your Research Project Builder.
    • Practice manipulating, analyzing and reporting data with downloadable Excel data sets.
    • Understand more about their own research philosophy and how it affects their research project by taking the Heightening Awareness of Research Philosophy (HARP) online survey.
    • Access audio recordings by students who share the valuable practice tips, tricks and lessons they learned while doing their own research projects.

    Revel helps you set the pace of learning for students on a week-by-week basis and, because it gives them immediate feedback, it enables you to keep track of any students who need a little more support and to adapt and vary your classes accordingly. 


    Start the digital transformation of your course today

    We hope that you’ll choose Saunders with the bespoke active learning tools of Revel for your next research methods course.

    We’re here to help you integrate our engaging digital content and assessment tools into your teaching – ask your Pearson representative for more information.


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  • With Revel, students engage, understand and question. At our latest event, educators did the same to learn more about Revel!

    Educators from several countries across the region had a chance to engage, learn and ask questions about Pearson’s latest digital innovation recently, when they joined Ahmed Samir (Senior Manager, Digital Solutions and Services, for MEA, Higher Education) to hear about Revel. The educators in attendance teach a variety of subjects in higher education and many expressed that they were looking for ways to engage students, encourage more active learning participation and to improve learner results. They were also keen to discover how digital tools could optimize their teaching and assessment time.

    Ahmed explained that Revel’s cutting-edge approach puts higher education learners and educators in the driving seat with top class author-content, feedback and assessment capability.

    At the beginning of the webinar, attendees were asked to indicate if they had heard of Revel before the session and also if they used any Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas. This quick exercise revealed that the majority had no, or limited, knowledge of Revel and many did not use an LMS either.

    Ahmed immediately explained that this was a great time to be learning about Revel’s resources and that, for those that were already using an LMS, Revel seamlessly integrates with it. 

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  • Help students learn to analyze and resolve real-world policy and business problems

    With an emphasis on modern theories that are useful in analyzing actual markets, Perloff’s latest Microeconomics offers a step-by-step approach to problem-based learning and helps higher education students develop the skills to solve business problems and analyze policy.

    New and updated content includes:

    • New sections: Common Confusion, Thinking Critically About a Current Event, Interactive Figures, Spreadsheet Exercises and Review Questions.
    • Exploration of government policies, international climate agreements and income tax.
    • Microeconomic theory explained through real-world people, companies and data.
    • 142 Challenges – information and questions about important, current real-world issues.
    • A step-by-step model for working out qualitative and quantitative problems.
    • Coverage of the latest economic events to keep students in the know.

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    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292446448 and providing your contact details.


    Enriching your students’ learning journey

    MyLab Economics provides flexible, scalable and easy to personalize digital tools, so your learners are always engaged and in the right place to build the professional skills they will need for the workplace. And MyLab supports your teaching too, with online assessments and data that lets you know how students are doing, as they go. With this world-leading digital learning platform, you can decide what to teach and how best to teach it. 

    Learn more about MyLab Economics


    Top tips for using MyLab Economics 

    How MyLab enhances your teaching and class results:

    • Build your own assignments and coursework with its fully integrated homework system.
    • Explore MyLab’s flexibility that lets you develop your own assignments, teach multiple sections, or set prerequisites.
    • Discover the extensive bank of questions tailored to the content of the book –  including algorithmic, graphing, multi-step and case study problems.
    • Create your own formative and summative assignments to fit the needs of your course.
    • Use MyLab Economics' robust gradebook to track progress and give your students automatic feedback.
    • Benefit from trusted content that will enhance your students' learning experience, from theory to practice.

    Your students benefit from:

    • Personalized learning that guides them to understand the exact areas where they need practice and enables them to learn at their own pace.
    • Tailored study plans that identify areas to focus on, build their confidence and improve their grades.
    • The Grapher learning aid within questions – giving them regular practice working with graphs and visualizing possible answers.
    • Regularly updated news articles and real economic scenarios in MyLab’s Economic Experiments, that encourage their active learning and engagement.


    Start the digital transformation of your course today

    We hope that you’ll choose Perloff with the interactive digital tools of MyLab for your next microeconomics course.

    We’re here to help you integrate our engaging digital content and assessment tools into your next Economics course – ask your Pearson representative for more information.


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  • Market-leading text gives students vital skills in wealth-creation

    You’ll be helping your higher education students get a head start in developing vital business skills with Richard Templar’s latest Rules of Wealth. This newly updated text is from our popular Professional Skills Collection, curated for your students to develop the knowledge they’ll need to help their careers to take flight. 

    The new edition includes:

    • Deciding on a definition of wealth.
    • Understanding the relationship between money and happiness.
    • Setting objectives and having a plan.
    • Using money-management tools.
    • Knowing the difference between price and value.
    • Determining a personal level of risk that is right.
    • Understanding stock markets.
    • Learning the arts of deal-making, negotiation and selling.
    • And lots more!

    All of the titles in our Professional Skills Collection have been selected for Middle East and Africa higher education institutions based on their readability, their practical approach and the up-to-date, global topics they address.

    Explore other titles in this collection

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292441115 and providing your contact details.


    Make Templar part of your digital library

    Like all our world-leading textbooks, you can offer Templar’s Rules of Wealth as an eBook to provide flexible access for your students wherever they are studying. You can easily curate a digital library from our collection to support all the students in your faculty to develop professional skills while they’re at university. Ask your Pearson representative for more details: asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com

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  • Leading Marketing text with MyLab and Revel – for even more learning support

    Encourage your university students to explore the latest marketing practices and trends with Kotler and Armstrong’s Principles of Marketing – new company studies and brand stories help them apply current concepts to real-world situations.

    New content considers:

    • How companies deal with major disruptions in the marketing environment – including large economic swings, extreme environmental patterns, social and political turmoil and COVID-19.
    • Developments in engagement technologies and “big data”, new marketing analytics, the internet of things, and the shift to omni-channel, digital and metaverse marketing.
    • Global and sustainable marketing.
    • Application of diversity, equity and inclusion in marketing strategies.
    • Real-world brand strategies and contemporary marketing issues.

    Explore other marketing subject texts

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292449364 and providing your contact details.


    Delivering an enhanced digital learning experience in your Marketing course

    This revised text is superbly supported by either MyLab Marketing or Revel for Marketing. It’s your choice which tool you decide is the right one to support your students’ learning experience.

    To summarize:

    • MyLab is brilliant for managing regular online formative and summative assessments to test and support students’ knowledge acquisition.
    • Revel is good for encouraging active learning and building critical thinking skills, with integrated assessments, reflection and writing activities.

    MyLab Marketing and Revel interactive and engaging digital resources and homework exercises work alongside the text to help you embed principles much more quickly and energize student learning experiences.

    With MyLab Marketing:

    • Before class – Chapter Warm-ups help your students grasp key concepts beforehand. Grading within the assignments allows you to see what students know and don’t know.
    • During class – generate class discussion, customize lectures and promote peer-to-peer learning, in real-time, with Learning Catalytics, our bring-your-own-device, classroom response system.
    • Before and after class – video exercises and pre-built and auto graded quizzes and tests explore concepts and assess learner comprehension – with instant feedback.
    • After class – create, import and manage online homework assignments and tests that are automatically graded, to give students regular practice and feedback.

    The robust gradebook analyzes student engagement and is correlated with internationally recognized AACSB Standards.

    With Revel for Marketing:

    Encourage students to engage and apply concepts, read, practice and reflect with multimedia and interactive content written especially for the digital environment. You can set reading assignments, quizzes and collaborative writing exercises for your students.

    Features include:

    • Drag and drop exercises
    • End of chapter quizzes
    • Mini-simulations
    • Flashcards
    • Video content
    • Journal entries for reflection

    And with Revel’s performance dashboard, you can keep track of students' progress, and quickly and easily identify those who haven't completed assignments or are struggling.

    Learn more about MyLab Marketing and Revel for Marketing


    Start the digital transformation of your course today

    We hope that you’ll choose Kotler and Armstrong with the interactive digital tools of MyLab or Revel for your next intro marketing course.

    We’re here to help you integrate our engaging digital content and assessment tools into your teaching – ask your Pearson representative for more information.


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