Higher Education

Preparing the next generation of regional leaders 

The Arab World’s higher education institutions face a unique set of challenges as they seek to prepare a rapidly growing population for the opportunities and obstacles of the 21st Century. Never before has it been so important for our tertiary institutions to not only help learners thrive in their academic pursuits, but to also ready them for their future role as global citizens and economic contributors.

The advance of technology and globalisation are transforming our universities like never before. Here in the Arab World, as universities increasingly compete for learner and educator talent, offering comprehensive and effective programmes will be essential to building dynamic institutions that meet modern expectations. Blended learning options and sophisticated learning management systems are no longer a luxury, but rather a necessity for institutions seeking to remain relevant and viable. And as the world’s largest learning company, we understand better than anyone just how crucial it is to utilise the latest available technology to actively promote learner outcomes.

So whatever your institution’s challenge —from accelerating college readiness and tracking student outcomes, to integrating dynamic media and digital content—Pearson is here to help. We want to give students across the Arab World the opportunity to realise the endless possibilities available to them, and to explore the limitless opportunities that come with meeting one’s potential. 

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