Teaching and learning in the 21st Century

School transformation in the Middle East is taking place at an unprecedented rate. Over the course of just a few short years, learners and educators have had to come to terms with the digital revolution which has swept across the educational landscape, bringing with it a host of new opportunities and challenges.

And while teaching and learning has undoubtedly changed, many constants still remain. As teachers, parents and policy makers we all have one thing in common – we want our students to love learning and be actively engaged in the learning process. We want our students to be the best that they can be, to realise their potential, to develop their talents inside and outside the classroom, and ultimately have the best possible chance at success in life.

Pearson combines the very best and latest in technology, resources and pedagogy to help schools in the region achieve this vision for their learners. We also offer support across a number of different curricula and qualifications. Our goal is to put the learner at the centre of the learning process and equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to thrive in school and beyond.