Learning, teaching and working continue during uncertainty

During these unprecedented times, we are all here at Pearson Middle East to support learners, educators, working professionals, corporates and families to continue to have positive learning and working experiences, no matter where they are.

In response to the COVID-19 evolving situation in many countries, each week we keep adding multiple resources, helpful links, live webinars, how-to videos and more. Our intention is to share different experiences from all stakeholders and hopefully help all of us enhance and optimize our approaches, initiate discussions, and continue to be curious, focusing on what matters: learning.

If you are a higher education instructor or institution looking for inspiration or guidance for your move to digital delivery, either get in touch to request support or watch one of our 38 webinars which cover various distance learning topics including digital communication, mitigating cheating in online assessment, strategies for teaching online and engaging students in live, virtual classes.

For more information about ActiveLearn, BilArabi and other digital support for schools, visit here.

For corporate customers, please let us know how we can support by responding to this quick survey.

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Learning without limits

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Higher Education

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