Using MyLab Statistics to develop a growth mindset

Over 30 years ago, American psychologist, Carol Dweck developed a theory about students' attitudes to failure after studying the behaviour of thousands of children and the underlying beliefs people have about learning and intelligence. She discovered it was possible to change a person’s mindset from fixed to growth and, when this happens, it leads to their increased motivation and achievement. (See reference below.)

MyLab digital learning tools can be used effectively as part of a growth mindset approach to teaching, and this was a recurring theme in a recent webinar hosted by Ahmed Samir, from our Digital Services Team in Dubai. Participants from across the region met Dr. Bonnie Rosenblatt, a Cognitive Psychologist and college educator of over 20 years, who teaches an online statistics course at Reading Area Community College in Pennsylvania, USA.  She is a Pearson Faculty Advisor and has been teaching mathematics and statistics, using MyLab Statistics extensively since 2010. Here’s what we learned:

Dr. Rosenblatt acknowledges that many students come into class with a fear of Math or the belief that they aren’t very good at it. She encourages students to understand that through repeated practice and trying new strategies, they will get better at these subjects – and this attitude makes a big difference to learning outcomes. 

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