With Revel, students engage, understand and question. At our latest event, educators did the same to learn more about Revel!

Educators from several countries across the region had a chance to engage, learn and ask questions about Pearson’s latest digital innovation recently, when they joined Ahmed Samir (Senior Manager, Digital Solutions and Services, for MEA, Higher Education) to hear about Revel. The educators in attendance teach a variety of subjects in higher education and many expressed that they were looking for ways to engage students, encourage more active learning participation and to improve learner results. They were also keen to discover how digital tools could optimize their teaching and assessment time.

Ahmed explained that Revel’s cutting-edge approach puts higher education learners and educators in the driving seat with top class author-content, feedback and assessment capability.

At the beginning of the webinar, attendees were asked to indicate if they had heard of Revel before the session and also if they used any Learning Management Systems (LMS) including Moodle, Blackboard or Canvas. This quick exercise revealed that the majority had no, or limited, knowledge of Revel and many did not use an LMS either.

Ahmed immediately explained that this was a great time to be learning about Revel’s resources and that, for those that were already using an LMS, Revel seamlessly integrates with it.