• Give students the knowledge and tools to succeed in marketing environments with updated text.

    The latest edition of Marketing Management by Kotler, Keller and Chernev features updated material and examples to give your students access to the very latest market developments.

    New and updated content includes:

    • In-text examples illustrating key concepts – from Starbucks, Uniqlo and others. 
    • Marketing Insight boxes aiding student understanding of the topic, including a new one on ‘Managing the Price Image of a Retailer’.
    • Marketing Spotlight boxes – using relevant real-world examples with questions to confirm understanding and apply critical thinking. Companies featured include Alibaba, Uber and Airbnb.
    • Marketing in Action Mini Cases – highlighting innovative and insightful marketing campaigns from leading organizations.

    Boosting student engagement for better results.

    With MyLab Marketing, your students get precisely what you need for them to succeed: immersive content, tools and exercises that are personalized, customizable and always engaging. These scaleable features boost student engagement and are uniquely suited to help you measure learning outcomes and tailor your course to ensure even better results.

    Learn more about MyLab Marketing

    Instructors use MyLab for parity between online and face-to-face course material

    Texas A&M University, USA piloted MyLab Marketing to help them ensure that students received the same quality and quantity of assignments and assessments for both online and face-to-face sections of their courses. This would result in parity of experience across formats.

    They found that 85% of students scoring above average on MyLab assignments earned an A as their average quiz grade. Students who passed MyLab quizzes also earned higher final course grades. An end-of-semester student survey showed 90% agreed that with MyLab Mini Sims, (with real-world examples) they could apply course concepts to actual business challenges.

    Average MyLab quiz letter grade based on MyLab assignment scores:

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    Explore other Marketing subject texts (PDF)

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292404813 and providing your contact details.

    We hope that you’ll choose Kotler, Keller & Chernev and MyLab Marketing for your next course.


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  • Increase students’ conceptual understanding of chemistry with popular text

    Embed an understanding of the concepts of chemistry and help students achieve greater success in the subject with 15th edition of Chemistry: The Central Science by Brown, LeMay et al.

    New content includes:

    • An overview of hydrocarbons advanced applications and biological processes. 
    • Interactive Sample Exercises are linked to Practice Questions enhanced with feedback.
    • Ready-to-Go Modules in Mastering Chemistry (see below) help instructors introduce concepts to students. 
    • Updated section-opening text and images – enhances understanding of concepts, key inventions and discoveries. 
    • Updated End-of-section Exercises and Self-Assessment Exercises. 

    Helping students master key concepts, build problem-solving skills and improve results

    Mastering Chemistry has pre-built courses and assignments to get you started quickly. A powerful gradebook with analytics, and a range of other flexible, online tools help you give tailored feedback, identify where your students need more support and reach each one, wherever they are in their learning journey.

    Learn more about Mastering Chemistry

    Around the world instructors see positive learning outcomes with Mastering Chemistry 

    Instructors at Miami Dade College, USA adopted Mastering Chemistry and found that students performing above average on Mastering homework had significantly higher final exam scores than those that performed at or below average.

    Average final exam scores based on Mastering Chemistry quiz score and number of AFU extra credit points earned: 


    Figure 1. MC ≤83% ( n =23); MC >83% ( n =40); AFU Extra Credit Points ≤6 ( n =35); AFU Extra Credit Points >6 ( n =28); Spring 2018

    Those who earned more points on optional Adaptive Follow-Up assignments had a significantly higher final exam average than the students who earned fewer points. Learners reported that doing the Dynamic Study Modules before class helped them understand lectures and Learning Catalytics offered a fun way to learn.

    Read full study (PDF)

    Explore other chemistry subject texts (PDF)

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292407616 and providing your contact details.

    We hope that you’ll choose Chemistry: The Central Science and Mastering Chemistry for your next course.


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  • Improve student problem solving skills with popular control theory text

    Increase your students’ confidence in tackling real-world engineering problems with the updated edition of Modern Control Systems by Dorf and Bishop. There are 980 exercises to help them develop problem-solving skills as they advance through the text, including the Continuous Design Problem in which students build upon a design problem from chapter to chapter, applying techniques and tools as they learn them.

    New content includes:

    • 20% new or updated end-of-chapter questions – advanced, design and computer problems that explore all aspects of modern control systems.
    • Expanded use of color adds emphasis when needed and to make the graphs and figures easier to interpret.

    Digital Updates

    - In the eText, an improved the search facility allows students to easily access key terms or topics, videos, images and their own notes.

    - Interactive Figures, including dynamic graphs, provide new interactivity to help students visualize course concepts that are difficult to comprehend from static images.

    - The companion website has been greatly enhanced

    • Video Solutions – step-by-step walkthroughs of homework problems
    • Interactive Skills Check – multiple-choice questions and Flashcards to test understanding and review key terms and concepts

    Explore other engineering subject texts (PDF)

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292422374 and providing your contact details.

    We hope that you’ll choose Dorf and Bishop for your next control systems course. 


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  • Give your students confidence in Python programming with updated text

    Help your students recognize the logic behind developing high-quality programs with the 5th edition of Starting Out with Python by Tony Gaddis. With the updated text, you can teach this increasingly popular object-oriented language, from the fundamentals to the details.

    New content includes:

    • Two commands for reading user input with dialog boxes
    • Database programming,
    • Comprehension expressions introduced and explained
    • F-strings – easy to learn concise and intuitive syntax
    • String tokens
    • GUI programming topics
    • Function topics – including random choice and pass keyword

    Mastering programming fundamentals

    With MyLab Programming give your students unlimited opportunities for interactive practice to gain programming experience and master fundamentals while you focus on higher-level concepts. Learners work through hundreds of auto-graded coding exercises that are graduated in complexity and mapped to this textbook.

    Learn more about MyLab Programming

    Explore other Computer Science subject texts (PDF)

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292408637 and providing your contact details. 

    We hope that you’ll choose Gaddis and MyLab Programming for your next introductory programming course.


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  • More support for efficient studying with updated Anatomy & Physiology text

    Students will study more efficiently for A&P tests using the tips and tools in latest edition of popular text.

    Support your students’ active learning, review, practice and preparation for quizzes and tests in Anatomy & Physiology. The latest edition of Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology by Marieb & Keller has brief and accessible text and the right balance of anatomy, physiology and clinical coverage to encourage course success. It features even more study tips, outlines, organized fact lists and self-assessment questions including;

    • Figure Questions – to practice interpreting illustrations.
    • Did You Get It? Questions – to check understanding of concepts
    • Critical Thinking and Clinical Application questions – to apply learning to clinical situations

    Supporting students’ learning needs and your teaching style

    Combined with this text, Mastering A&P’s digital platform lets you create a course that supports your students’ learning and is unique to your curriculum and teaching. Tools activate and engage learning while online assessments and data tell you how students are doing – helping you decide what to teach and how best to teach it – and ensuring you reach every student.

    Mastering A&P

    Around the world instructors use Mastering A&P to help students succeed

    At University of Texas, USA two instructors used Mastering A&P to support their students in different ways. One instructor set graded homework assignments, along with Dynamic Study Modules and Adaptive Follow-Ups, to develop students’ study skills and provide learning opportunities outside of class. They saw an increase in exam averages and course success rates. 

    The other instructor chose to use the quizzing tools to help learners track their understanding

    The second instructor’s students said:

    “I like Mastering because it helped me realize what I needed to study and tested me to see if I really understood what I had learned.”

    “I like how it helps me practice the material and shows me what I need to study more.”

    “I found the Dynamic Study Modules to be the most useful resource for studying.” 

    “The Dynamic Study Modules helped me study by giving me explanations on the questions I get wrong.”

    Read more (PDF)

    Next steps

    Explore other Anatomy & Physiology subject texts (PDF)

    Join our upcoming Mastering Biology webinar for a relevant introduction to Mastering

    Request your sample copy today by emailing asktheHEteam.middleeast@pearson.com with the ISBN 9781292401942 and providing your contact details.

    We hope that you’ll choose Marieb & Keller with Mastering for your next course.


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  • Making Remote Teaching and Learning work at Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST) – Kuwait

    Faced with the unfolding challenges of the Covid-19 pandemic, GUST instructors wanted to ensure that over 117,000 combined Math and English Language students continued to get a consistently high-quality learning experience. As the crisis has eased, they’ve used the Pearson digital tools they adopted to enhance the university’s blended educational offering.

    In 2020, GUST’s Math and English Foundation Program teams were tasked with keeping learners engaged during the lockdown, ensuring none fell behind and that all teaching plans were maintained. Using Microsoft Teams to regularly ‘meet’, and liaising with their dedicated Pearson representative, they explored how course eBooks could work alongside online resources including MyLab Math, Learning Catalytics and Active Quiz in Moodle.

    Training both faculty and students to access and use the resources in new ways (in a very short time frame) was a priority, as was motivating students to accept virtual office hours. Pearson offered advice on delivering assessments and how to support students who felt they needed more than just video lectures for their learning needs.

    The ability to work effectively and safely from their own homes benefited all parties and the asynchronous model meant teaching and learning could happen at times to suit individuals, in an engaging way. Everyone adapted quickly to trying out new learning styles. 

    Working together across departments to meet the challenges of a rapidly unfolding global crisis has brought far-ranging benefits to GUST and its teaching staff. The Math and English Foundation Units shared their growing knowledge of tech solutions for teaching and assessing their students’ development and, with Pearson support, gained confidence in synchronous and asynchronous online teaching methods that they’ll apply well into the future. Students benefited from flexible learning opportunities and the simplicity of using digital resources to interact in team activities and ‘classroom’ discussions remotely but in real-time.

    “We believe this framework can be used by other educators, institutions and universities who would like to transition from the traditional model to a virtual model. In fact, this could possibly be integrated into your existing model for a better teaching and learning experience.”
    Milena Baeff, Math Foundation Unit, GUST

    GUST recommends other universities take advantage of Pearson’s experience and breadth of services, collaborate with other faculty teams remotely – even across time zones – and create blended learning experiences that will be better for teaching staff and students now and into the future.

    Read the full story (COM)

    Explore our wide range of online tools to support your digital transformation

    To learn more about our learning platforms, join one of our HE Steps Up events or catch up on a recent webinar


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  • Updated marketing text addresses latest customer engagement tools, practices and developments

    The revised edition of Kotler and Armstrong’s popular Principles of Marketing continues to build on the importance of customer involvement in shaping brands, and more specifically brand conversations, experiences, advocacy and community.

    It offers fresh insights into real marketing practices from all-stars including Walmart, Amazon, Netflix and Apple to encourage students to explore current issues such as mobile and social marketing, ethics and financial marketing analysis. New and updated cases enable students to apply what they’ve learned to actual company and brand situations.

    NEW: This title comes with Pearson Horizon, a digital courseware solution for optimal student engagement. Discover more about Pearson Horizon for Marketing here.

    Engaging students with immersive content, tools, and experiences

    Pearson Horizon brings a contemporary look and feel, and enhanced user experience both in the classroom and outside. It provides you with an easy, ready to use digital component to your course, that you students can access online and offline.

    Learn more about Pearson Horizon for Marketing

    Ready for a more sophisticated digital learning experience? Engage your students with My Lab Marketing’s diverse range of tools including:

    • Mini simulations to explore how their decisions impact on a business. 
    • Assignments to practice their marketing metrics and analytics skills. 
    • Videos covering a variety of business topics (with quizzes to assess comprehension) relate to in-class theory. 

    Learn more about MyLab Marketing

    Instructors see consistent outcomes across course formats with MyLab Marketing

    Ohio State University, USA instructors saw a positive correlation between MyLab Marketing assignment scores and MyLab quiz scores for the hybrid  (blended) and online cohorts on their marketing course. Through MyLab, students in both formats get the same course experience – earning similar homework, quiz, exam and final course grades across both course formats. In a student survey, 87% agreed that simulation assignments helped them develop important critical thinking and decision-making skills.

    Average Course Assignment and Assessment Scores for Online (n=316) and Hybrid (n=249) Sections, Fall 2018 are shown in this table: 

    Read full study

    Getting started

    We hope that you’ll choose Kotler and Armstrong’s Principles of Marketing  and MyLab Marketing for your next course. 


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