Help students build programming skills with a blended approach – use Deitel: C How to Program with MyLab Programming digital learning platform

Help students learn key concepts as they run full programs with C How to Program by Paul and Harvey Deitel. This revised text offers hundreds of real-world examples, exercises and projects for hands-on practice. 

Discover the new and updated content:

  • 142 complete, working, real-world C programs.
  • Over 350 integrated Self-Check exercises with answers, to test understanding of concepts and terminology.
  • Focus on performance issues to prepare students for professional software-development challenges and practices.
  • Tips for thinking like a developer and exploring popular open-source software and tools like Docker, GitHub and StackOverflow.
  • New and enhanced case studies that focus on simulations with random-number generation, survey data analysis, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.


High-quality digital content that helps your students achieve more

Want to help your students master programming fundamentals and build computational thinking skills? With MyLab Programming’s highly adaptive and engaging digital content you can deliver courses tailored to suit the unique needs of your curriculum. Plus you can create and assign programming exercises customized to your course – and as all submissions are automatically graded, you’ll save time and give your students great learning opportunities!

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Top tips for using MyLab Programming

Helping you deliver – before, during and after class

  • Use hundreds of auto-graded programming exercises within Exercise Editor to help students master programming fundamentals (syntax, flow of control) while you focus on higher-level concepts (problem solving).
  • Maintain their motivation and build confidence with short, understandable exercises within each textbook topic that gradually increase in complexity.
  • Set regular online homework assignments and tests that are automatically graded to give your students immediate and personalized feedback.
  • Concerned about the integrity of some homework answers? The Plagiarism Detection Tool can help you identify unusual patterns of activity, number of attempts or copy and paste rates.

Encouraging students – before, during and after class

  • Use the platform’s high-quality digital course materials to give students practice opportunities.
  • Share your notes to help them connect their reading with classroom learning. Plus, integrated videos give students the support they need, as they need it.
  • Key programming concepts presented in texts have accompanying step-by-step VideoNote Tutorials that will help students understand important problem-solving processes.
  • Did you know Pearson eText enables students to highlight and take notes all in one place – even when they’re offline?

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