MyLab and Mastering – supporting student learning and achievement

MyLab and Mastering, our popular online homework, tutorial and assessment platforms, are enabling instructors across the Middle East region to support student learning and achievement.


With the diverse range of digital content and course management features available, they can be used very flexibly by instructors to plan sessions, set and grade assignments, assess levels of understanding and encourage classroom discussion and collaboration. Students benefit from quiz-based learning, self-testing and other tools that they can use – both in class and in their own study time – to optimize their learning. Mastering has been designed for Science and Engineering subjects, while MyLab supports a range of other course areas including maths and business. 

This blog discusses the experiences of The Gulf University for Science and Technology (GUST), Abu Dhabi University and Prince Sultan University using MyLab Math and Mastering Physics.

MyLab and Mastering offers a wide range of tools – here’s how they’re being used by lecturers

The Math Foundation Unit (GUST) instructors set homework and also use the Study Plan / QuizMe features, practice exercises and tests within MyLab Math – both inside and outside the classroom.  The self-study and assignment activities help students to understand elementary arithmetic and the fundamentals of algebra. This gives them a strong mathematical foundation for success in their academic careers. The instructors have observed an increase in student engagement stating, “MyLab Math has promoted cognitive engagement, thus enabling the students to foster a sense of competence in the learning activities and assigned activities.”

Dr Sofiane Grira (Abu Dhabi University) encourages his Calculus II students to use MyLab Math to build a strong foundation of mathematical skills. Using eText, live class, study plans, videos, quizzes and online homework assignments, the students gain a deep understanding of transcendental functions, integration techniques and infinite series. They also engage more in class discussions and develop their independent learning and writing skills.

Dr Elham Dannoun (Prince Sultan University) uses Mastering Physics to set regular homework assignments and her students benefit from access to the eText and relevant videos. The course aims to increase students’ understanding of how technological advances and industry change can lead to improved quality of life and explore how science-based issues influence the global future. Dr Dannoun feels Mastering Physics is an asset to her course.

In all cases, in-class discussions and the activities (exercises, quizzes and homework) contribute to final grades. Assignments vary from being due before or after a class (to demonstrate embedded learning) and being completed either within or outside the classroom.


Overall experience and perception of MyLab and Mastering

These instructors find the MyLab or Mastering products invaluable for their students’ learning experience. They agree that the tools really support student engagement, learning and achievement, are easy to access, intuitive to use and add value to their courses.  They find the products easy to implement and say the technical guidance they receive from Pearson’s local account managers and customer support team is excellent.


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