Popular text reflects the most current developments in OB research

For engaging and cutting-edge material that connects higher education students with the subject, explore the latest Organizational Behavior by Robbins and Judge. Its career-focused resources will also help your students develop the skills today's employers are looking for. New and updated content includes:

  • Examples and references with an emphasis on diversity, equity and inclusion; COVID-19 and crisis management; remote work and telecommuting.
  • Toward a Better World – highlighting social responsibility, justice and ethics issues facing organizations today.
  • Assignable Personal Inventory Assessments – enable readers to reflect on topics related to key chapter concepts. Available only in Revel – see below.
  • Experiential Activities, Ethical Dilemmas and cases that embed OB concepts.
  • Real company examples and profiles of company leaders that relate course concepts to business success.

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Engage and motivate students with integrated, active learning experiences

Why not teach with our Revel online course to give your students a unique blend of author content, multimedia and assessment?

With activities for experiential learning alongside clear explanations of how the theories impact on business, Revel supports students in learning the concepts, applying the theory and developing critical thinking skills. Learners read, practice and reflect in a single resource – boosting their confidence for working in today’s complex business environment.

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How Revel supports your teaching

Encourages active learning:

  • After reading a chapter, students take a short quiz to test their knowledge. Their scores and answers will appear in the Performance Dashboard.
  • Exercises like drag and drop and fill-in-the-blanks are woven throughout the text so students can check their understanding as they go.
  • Reflective journal entries prompt students to pause, question and think critically about what they’re reading.

Helps students apply theory:

  • Interactive surveys and questionnaires allow students to learn and reflect on what they are learning and how it relates to the workplace.
  • Case studies help students to appreciate and understand how organizational behavior theory is applied in real situations.


Start the digital transformation of your course today

We hope that you’ll choose our Robbins and Judge Revel course for your next OB course.


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