Organic Chemistry by Wade & Simek – engaging new edition offers student-oriented approach to problem-solving, with Mastering Chemistry for flexible course management

A focus on fundamental reasoning and principles is at the heart of revised Organic Chemistry by Wade & Simek. The authors’ hallmark approach to problem-solving introduces students to the individual steps of different chemical reactions and shows how they contribute to the overall reaction. Each step incorporates unique strategies and hints.

The new edition has even more focus on learning tools that help drive student understanding:

In the textbook:

  • 28 brand new Focus Features exploring key aspects of complex topics and reactions.
  • Margin boxes detailing the lives and works of eminent scientists.

Within Mastering Chemistry (see below to discover this digital platform):

  • Digital Visual Guides to Organic Reactions and Key Mechanism Boxes now include videos of mechanisms, nomenclature and reaction summaries.
  • Paired mechanism videos – an overview video plus a video that walks the students through a representative reaction of that mechanism.
  • Mechanism Practice Problems feature one-step hints and predict the product functionality on any step of selected problems if they struggle.
  • Ready-to-Go Study Tools for students to use on their own – videos, practice quizzes, practice exams, and worked examples.

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Mastering Chemistry helps you
deliver and helps your students succeed

Our engaging digital platform is built for flexibility to help you create and manage a blended organic chemistry course to fit your curriculum and your students. Assign interactive content designed to help students learn and apply complex chemistry concepts before, during and after class. Use the intuitive gradebook to easily track students’ performance and progress towards achieving your module learning outcomes.

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Top tips for using Mastering Chemistry

Supporting your teaching

  • Create and manage online assignments that give your students regular practice. With auto-graded, personalized feedback, they’ll get direction for their study time, while you focus on class delivery.
  • Encourage students to join in during lectures and take part in class discussion with Learning Catalytics. This classroom response system works with students’ own devices, letting you evaluate responses and then adjust your teaching material to keep the engagement going.
  • Assign Organic Chemistry Tutorials which assess the logic and accuracy of a student’s answers and give error-specific feedback to help them master the material. 

Enriching the learner experience

  • Encourage students to explore the Chemistry Primer tutorials – they’re great for intensive learning or just before each chapter is covered. They especially help students who struggle with their math and chemistry skills.
  • Help students prepare for class with interactive, pre-lecture videos that introduce key topics.
  • The Organic Chemistry Drawing Tool is an intuitive way for students to draw chemical structures – and to explore and learn more about chemistry itself.

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