Revised popular text gives clear introduction to key principles of financial accounting

Help your students develop skills to make informed business decisions with revised Financial Accounting for Decision Makers by Atrill and McLaney. 

The new edition embeds the principles, techniques and understanding students will need in their future work through:

  • The latest thinking on what makes good auditing.
  • Real-life examples from companies like BP and JP Morgan which help you engage students and show applications – many now include impact of COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Activities that reinforce learning, measure progress and develop ability to apply knowledge to practical application.
  • Exercises testing knowledge of core ideas and developing critical thinking. These cover a range of levels, making them equally useful for students from non-accounting backgrounds and the more advanced.

Improving results for students everywhere

MyLab Accounting is a digital learning platform containing 1000s of tried and tested problems that you can easily assign to your students. With auto-grading and activities to support students as they study, MyLab can help your students make progress and allows you to monitor and respond to individual and class progress.

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Top tips for using MyLab Accounting:

Set regular online assignments with feedback

  • Set regular homework so students can practice and test their knowledge.
  • Create assignments from a huge range of problems, videos, quizzes and question sets.
  • Let auto-graded assignments lighten your work load – especially helpful when you have large cohorts to support!
  • Tailor your guidance and feedback to individuals, groups or the whole class.
  • Deliver immediate feedback – students can see more quickly where they’ve excelled or need to do more work and get straight on with practicing and learning.

Support students to practice important accounting skills

  • Excel projects in MyLab help students to develop their proficiency with this key Microsoft Office application.
  • Projects are auto-graded – saving you marking time.
  • Detailed personalized feedback, within minutes of submitting their work, builds confidence and competence.
  • Realistic business scenarios in our interactive ‘Accounting in Action’ tool, illustrate the connections between theory and the practical tasks needed by business leaders and investment analysts in today’s workplace.

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Request your sample copy today by emailing with the ISBN 9781292409184 and providing your contact details.

We hope that you’ll choose Atrill and McLaney and MyLab for your next Financial Accounting course.


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