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The new edition of Becker's World of the Cell by Hardin, Bertoni & Kleinsmith with Mastering Biology provides a wide array of digital tools to help you deliver more engaging learning experiences, whether you’re running an online, blended or hybrid modules. Mastering Biology provides you with world-leading digital content to support your teaching, so you can focus on getting the best out of your students.

Tips for integrating Mastering Biology in your teaching

High-quality videos to engage

Mastering Biology contains lots of great videos, all designed to support students’ learning. There are lots of ways to use them as part of your blended delivery:

  • Assign a video to students for an overview of a topic before your lecture.
  • Use videos to engage students in your lectures – online or in-person.
  • Set video questions as part of homework – the visualizations will help your students grasp key concepts.

1000s of ready-made questions for assessments

The huge bank of problems in Mastering Biology is aligned to the textbook, or you can easily create your own custom questions. Use them as part of your module assessment:

  • Set regular homework – fellow educators recommend that Mastering assignments make up 10-20% of the module mark.
  • Run your mid-term quiz in Mastering using built-in tools to mitigate collusion.
  • Assignments are auto-graded which saves you time.
  • Students get instant personalized feedback on their progress.

eText for flexible learning on-the-go

Give your students access to their textbook wherever they are with Pearson eText. Plus, you can guide their learning to increase motivation:

  • Customize the table of contents to match your teaching.
  • Add and share your own notes with students so they connect their eText with what they learn in class.
  • Check the Analytics Dashboard to see how students are working in their eText. 
  • Assign a chapter or specific section to hold students accountable for their reading.

Learn more about Mastering Biology

What’s new in the textbook?

Updates within the text help your students make connections across concepts in cell biology:

  • Make Connection Questions reinforce fundamental conceptual connections in cell biology and Quantitative Questions encourage the ability to perform and interpret calculations. (Assignable in Mastering Biology.)
  • Data Analysis Questions within the text help students practice their data interpretation skills. 
  • Molecular genetics material is now placed earlier in the book to flow more naturally into the discussion of intracellular trafficking.
  • Highlights from the most recent advances in the understanding of cell biology.

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We hope that you’ll choose this text and Mastering for your next Cell Biology course.

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