Research text designed to improve students' critical thinking and problem solving

Exploring Research by Neil J. Salkind offers your students an engaging and user-friendly guide to collecting and analyzing data and a thorough instruction on research writing. It explores problem selection, sampling and generalizability and measurement processes used in the social and behavioral sciences. 

New material includes:

  • Tips and tricks to set up an IBM SPSS Datafile.
  • Using SPSS software to de-mystify statistics. 
  • How to use Excel for data analysis.
  • Coverage of software for dealing with qualitative data.
  • Tips on using social media as a research tool.
  • Added content on conducting research and literature reviews online.

Like all our world-leading textbooks, you can offer this title as an eBook to provide flexible access for your students wherever they are studying – ask your Pearson representative for more details.

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We hope that you’ll choose Salkind for your next research methods in social science course.


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