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Faculty Share their Experiences with Digital Learning

Featured webinar

#InItTogether with GUST University Faculty

25 March 2020

During this webinar, various esteemed faculty members from GUST University share their best practices. The focus is around Math and English.

Faculty: Ms. Anwar Al Zayer, M.S., Ms. Milena Baeff, M.S., M.Ed, Shiny Verghese, PhD and Ms. Heba Elhadary, M.Ed TESL

Expert Insight

Featured webinar

#InItTogether 9 strategies for effective online teaching

08 April 2020

Nine strategies based on research that will help set you and your students up for success in your newly online course, presented by Samuel Downs.

Student and Career Success Programs

Featured webinar

#InItTogether Enhance your students' soft skills

30 March 2020

Pearson’s Student Success Program highlights the crucial skills required for today's workplace. It helps students lead a successful university life. In this webinar you will learn about the possible ways to:

- Gain insights about your students' strengths and weakness in terms of skills
- Develop their academic success
- Help them develop the skills that employers are looking for

Distance Learning Tools and Techniques

Featured webinar

#InItTogether Assessment – methods to mitigate cheating in distance learning

30 March 2020

A common concern among professors using online Assessment systems is the fear that students will copy answers from one another and/or from online sources. Copying homework (as well as cheating on exams) has been a part of education since before computers or online programs existed.

In this webinar we explore different methods to help mitigate and reduce this cheating phenomenon (using Pearson MyLab & Mastering).

MyLab Programs for Math, Business and IT

Featured webinar

#InItTogether How MyLabIT supports your move to online teaching

14 April 2020

How do I get students to apply what they’ve learned in a meaningful way?

I need a course solution that is easy to use: 

How can my course help students gain the skills they need for their future careers?

Mastering Programs for Science and Engineering

Featured webinar

#InItTogether How to engage students with online physics games & simulation experiments

21 April 2020

Motivate Students – Help students connect physics to the real world using the Mastering Physics platform.

PhET tutorials use the interactive research-based simulations from the PhET Group at the University of Colorado, Boulder to help students make connections between real-life phenomena and the underlying physics.