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Tap into the importance of ‘human element’ in a world ran by technology!

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Classes Start

2 November 2020
Estimated Effort

2-3 Hours / Week
Delivery Format

Blended Learning

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Course Duration

4 Weeks

135 USD*
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With the increasing computational power and continuous rise of emerging technologies, our own research suggests that employers will increasingly value the ‘human element’ in their recruits, namely, the Soft Skills. Transferrable skills are arguably what propels you the most in the pursuit of success, and the best news is that they can be developed.

This program has been developed following Pearson’s highest standards for quality and effectiveness to bring in the Soft Skills learning experience that results in solid outcomes and behavior changes. 

This short, 4-week program will engage you in simple, yet effective online modules with heavy emphasis on reflection and active learning exercises. Complemented with three live interactive workshops and a final assignment for the learners, during which the participants have the opportunity to hone their skills and practice on real audience, this program becomes an indispensable tool in today’s job market.

Finished off with a solid action plan to be immediately implemented in the workplace, this program becomes a practical guide on fine-tuning the soft skills for competitive advantage.

Program Benefits

Cutting Edge Curriculum:

The curriculum;

√ emphasizes the importance of theory and empirical analysis.
√ shows how theory connects back to practical business examples.
√ is a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

For The Industry. By The Industry

The program offers;

√ the latest research and academic inputs
√ critical inputs from Industry leaders to ensure the highest degree of practical relevance

You are not alone!

You will have a Learning Coach who is willing to help you achieve all the important milestones of the course!