Leaders of Learning

May 3, 2021 | 10 Weeks | 4-6 Hours Effort Per Week | AED 2,999

Language: English

To understand the psychology behind learning is to understand the right ways to teach.

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"Due to the recent updates regarding the COVID-19 situation, all our In-Class Sessions will take place virtually via our online conferencing software, GoToMeeting, until further notice. Kindly note that there is no change in the date/time of the sessions."


All of us carry explicit or implicit theories of learning. They manifest themselves in the ways we learn, the ways we teach, and the ways we think about leadership and learning. In Leaders of Learning, we will identify and develop our own personal theory of learning, and explore how it fits into the shifting landscape of learning.

Throughout the 10-week course, we will explore learning, leadership, organizational structure, and physical design and how to adjust and adapt to the transformation, the education sector is currently undergoing.

Moreover, the course has three workshops filled with engaging activities to help you apply the theoretical content. Throughout the program, you will have opportunities to engage with the content and industry professionals, network with your peers and thought leaders, and progress towards achievement of your professional goals.

Program Benefits

Cutting Edge Curriculum:

The curriculum;

√ emphasizes the importance of theory and empirical analysis.
√ shows how theory connects back to practical business examples.
√ is a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

For The Industry. By The Industry

The program offers;

√ the latest research and academic inputs
√ critical inputs from Industry leaders to ensure the highest degree of practical relevance

You are not alone!

You will have a student success advisor who is willing to help you achieve all the important milestones of the course!