Career Success Plus

24 January 2021 | 4 weeks | 24 hours | 1285 AED*


Language: English

*inclusive of VAT

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  • 4 Week Program  
  • Career Success content
  • Two Live Webinars
  • Two 1:1 personal coaching sessions
  • Demonstration of skills
  • Career advice and local market data
  • Dedicated Learning Coach

The Career Success Plus course allows learners to have career readiness content at their fingertips. With the eight milestones in the Career Success Plus framework, we help learners think strategically and practically about how to pursue their goals in the most effective ways.

The program starts with building self-awareness and measure learner’s “GRIT” – one’s tenacity and resilience to thrive in adversity. And  help in identifying career interests, values, skills and how that translates to a career plan. Then, learners will be able figure out how to best demonstrate what they know to get the first of many jobs they will have throughout their lifetime.

Program benefits

Throughout their Career Success Plus journey, learners will:

  1. Discover more about themselves
  2. Develop their personal brand and professional skills
  3. Demonstrate their competitive value to employers

Support from a personal, dedicated Learning Coach throughout the course who will be available to answer any questions you may have and support you in achieving your academic goals.

Program Benefits

Cutting Edge Curriculum:

The curriculum;

√ emphasizes the importance of theory and empirical analysis.
√ shows how theory connects back to practical business examples.
√ is a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

For The Industry. By The Industry

The program offers;

√ the latest research and academic inputs
√ critical inputs from Industry leaders to ensure the highest degree of practical relevance

You are not alone!

You will have a Learning Coach who is willing to help you achieve all the important milestones of the course!