Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage

Don’t Keep Up with the Competition, Stay Ahead of it.

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August 26, 2019
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4-6 Hours / Week

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6 Weeks 

AED 5,699


This course is aimed at entrepreneurs, current and aspiring leaders and department heads, who are willing to continuously drive forward their organization and establish a strong strategy that will aid in market positioning. Gaining a sustainable competitive advantage requires a carefully planned and thought out business strategy.

In order to help you stay ahead of competition, this course will provide the tools and techniques to evaluate and critically assess the current business strategy, as well as will help gain competitive advantage by understanding the core strategic elements of the offering. You will also understand how to drive organizational change, better position yourself in the market and avoid some of the pitfalls by examining elevant case studies about IKEA, Honda, Southwest Airlines, NVT and more.

Moreover, the course has three interactive workshops filled with engaging activities that will help you further understand your customer and reimagine your strategy. This course contains specific elements to help you engage with the content and other people in the course, network with the appropriate stakeholders, and progress through to the next step in your academic or professional career.



Learn how to

  • Evaluate your strategic environment in the present and the future
  • Identify the differences between organizational effectiveness and strategic positioning
  • Map core and supporting activities of your firm and how they interact with each other
  • Locate organizational barriers to strategy implementation and organizational change
  • Engage in a strategic planning process that works
  • Build your professional network 

Meet your Instructor

Nicolaj Siggelkow

Course Instructor David M. Knott Professor of Management, The Wharton School

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Nicole D'Souza
Pearson Professional Learning Coach

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Course Badges and Certificates

Business Strategy from Wharton: Competitive Advantage Course Certificate  (edX® Certificate)

70% on the final (from three attempts) is required to pass the course. 

Competitive Advantage Course Badge (Pearson Professional Badge)

  • Earn the edX® course certificate
  • Complete all Learner Journey milestone activities