Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications

Learn how to harness the power of Blockchain and stay current in your career

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6 September 2020
Estimated Effort

3-5 Hours / Week 

Linux Foundation
International Certification

Pearson & Linux Foundation
Course Duration

10 Weeks

AED 5,780*
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Blockchain technology is changing how business is executed. It’s important to understand why blockchain is different and how it works in comparison with technologies of the past. The first segment of this course covers all the main concepts of what Blockchain is. It discusses how it began as a triple ledger system first introduced for the administration of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, and how it is now applied to all aspects of business including government, banking, supply chains, and a host of other industries.

It also analyzes the concept of transparent ledgers, both public and permissioned, and focuses on using cryptography to achieve consensus, immutability, and governance of transactions. This is all part of Blockchain’s ability to provide “trusted data from untrusted sources,” disrupting traditional accounting methodologies and international trade.

The course then dives into the various methods of blockchain governance that currently exist in the marketplace as well as how consensus fits into governance. It explores how to reach consensus through proof-of-work or proof-of-stake with online education content from the Linux Foundation and live-webinars from Loredana Manushaqa. Other aspects of the course include examining the very specific features of blockchain that solve problems that have been difficult to overcome in the past with more centralized architectures.

The final part of the course takes a deep dive into the various use cases of blockchain, complete with analyzing real examples of how different industries are executing the technology and improving their business. Examining a problem, and then depicting a blockchain use case that solves the problem, will help gain an understanding of how blockchain is applied to real -world situations. This course contains specific elements to help you engage with the content and other people in the course, network with the appropriate stakeholders, and progress through to the next step in your academic or professional career.

Outcomes / What you will Learn

At the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Understand what a blockchain is, recall formal definition of distributed consensus andfoundational topics
  • Understand various consensus mechanisms
  • Recognize the meaning and properties of cryptoeconomics and cryptocurrencies
  • Understand blockchain's impact and potential for change around the world
  • Understand how blockchain is applied to all aspects of business
  • Appreciate the various enterprise-level blockchain implementations and the blockchain trilemma
  • Understand the challenges with scaling and obstacles to widespread blockchain adoption
  • Review the measures that governments have taken to regulate and control blockchain technology
  • Demonstrate some of the immediate blockchain use cases in technology, business, and enterprise products and institutions

Job Outlook

  • Blockchain-related jobs are the second fastest growing in today’s labor market, currently with 14 job openings for every 1 blockchain developer (Source: TechCrunch)
  • Demand is off the charts for blockchain talent, and the capital is waiting to back it up. More than $3.7 billion has been raised through ICOs in the United States alone (Source: TechCrunch)
  • DTCC's Fintech Symposium recently noted the lack of available talent for blockchain industry jobs, and their desire to help invest in blockchain jobs and helping people to develop the necessary skills to fill those jobs
  • According to Forbes, the average salary of a blockchain engineer in Silicon Valley is $158,000. Programmers who have experience in Solidity (language for creating smart contracts) are in short supply and high demand

Meet Your Faculty

Ernesto Lee
Course Instructor

CTO, Blockchain Training Alliance

Kris Benett
Course Instructor

Senior Instructor at Blockchain Training Alliance

Rosa Santos
Course Instructor

Director of Education of Blockchain Training Alliance

Loredana Manushaqa
Lead Technical Instructor, MS. Blockchain


Nicole D'Souza
Learning Coach – Middle East