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Specially curated for the Middle East culture, in both English and Arabic!


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What is Career Success

When it comes to preparing for their future, learners often don’t know where to start. Get them on the right path with Pearson Career Success.

Career Success provides career development tools to help prepare learners for today’s workplace.

Career Success provides access to a roadmap that helps learners explore and understand where they want to go, how they're going to get there, and what they need to do to stand out from the crowd. All of that while they document and share their progress and increase their visibility to prospect employers.

Through Career success learners will:

  • Assess and grow a GRIT mindset through the GRIT Gauge pre- and post- assessment
  • Create and network their professional brand through linkedin activities and resources
  • Apply what they learn into their career planning with the help of video coaching activities and resources and more!

Career Success is available in English or Arabic, uniquely crafted to suite the Middle East culture. This is the list of available ISBNs.

Title ISBN
CareerSuccesss_ME_English 9781292251776
CareerSuccess_ME_Arabic 9781292251769