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Your one-stop gateway to make the right investment in your greatest asset, your people.

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Pearson for Corporate is your one-stop gateway to make the right investment in your greatest asset, your people.

Whether you want to recruit the right people, assess your current staff's skills or develop and upskill your best talent, we will support you and your company. Using our deep expertise in how people learn, combined with more than 170 years of world-class content and assessment, and powered by services and technology, we enable more effective and personalized learning at scale; for your business and your people.

Whether you head the business, manage learning and development, handle recruitment, or are interested in and responsible for developing people, we can help you.

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In these uncertain times, all of us are doing our best to navigate our personal and professional lives. Each situation is unique, as we move, each at our own pace, from resolving the current situation, to taking immediate actions to care for our employees and families, addressing short and long term plans to overcome, cope and reinvent the new future. We are realizing, as each day passes, that learning never stops, for your business and individuals alike.


For us here at Pearson Middle East, we are in continuous conversation with our customers, keeping our eyes and our minds open to challenges, opportunities and ways we can support our community during these times. This communication, and others to follow, carry our intention to connect, support and serve, creating 'virtual' yet impactful conversations.

We help organizations select candidates, develop and promote your current staff, and recruit graduates, through our gold standard, research-based assessments.

Designed to simplify and enhance employee attraction, development and retention, they will reduce the risk of bad hires and improve individual and collective performance.

Our talent management psychometric assessments cover a wide range of competencies and behaviours:

  • English language.
  • Verbal and numerical reasoning.
  • Situational judgement.
  • Personality.

L&D Manager

Pearson for Corporate offers you culturally appropriate, flexible, and easily trackable learning experiences to support the learning and development plans for your company. All solutions provided are based on consultancy, and a deep understanding of your business needs.


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Head of Business

With Pearson for Corporate, you will be able to not only know where each team member stands in a certain area, but also pinpoint their needs, get the right learning delivered, and eventually get the business impact you plan.


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Recruiting Manager

Pearson for Corporate offers you the reliability of resourceful tools backed by science to identify, select, upskill and retain the right talent.



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Working together we will devise a program to help your staff drive the achievement of your company goals. Get in touch to start developing your most important asset, your people.