Introduction to Corporate Finance

Master Finance, simple and effective!

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March 22, 2021
Estimated Effort

2-3 Hours
Delivery Format

Blended Learning

Columbia Business
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Course Duration

5 Weeks

AED 2258

In this course, you will gain an understanding of time-honored financial concepts and rules, and how these can be applied to value firms, bonds, and stocks.

We will cover the time value of money, cost of capital and capital budgeting. You will be using Excel for many process including valuing bonds and stocks, computing NPV and finding IRR.

This finance course is an essential part of the MBA Program at Columbia Business School, and it is taught by a world-class instructor, actively training the next generation of market leaders on Wall Street. Our workshop instructor has a vast experience in the GCC region, helping ministries and governments all over the Gulf to better shape their financial strategy.

Participants from all backgrounds will be prepared to participate on the ever-evolving financial playing field. Moreover, the course has engaging virtual sessions with Naresh Phanfat filled with innovative activities and few sessions from renowned experts in the field.

Program Benefits

Cutting Edge Curriculum:

The curriculum;

√ emphasizes the importance of theory and empirical analysis.
√ shows how theory connects back to practical business examples.
√ is a combination of practical and theoretical knowledge.

For The Industry. By The Industry

The program offers;

√ the latest research and academic inputs
√ critical inputs from Industry leaders to ensure the highest degree of practical relevance

You are not alone!

You will have a Learning Coach who is willing to help you achieve all the important milestones of the course!