Region-Specific Resources

Here in the Middle East, Pearson understands just how important it is to provide learners with culturally specific and locally relevant learning resources.

We believe that our local learners deserve resources that have been created to meet their unique learning needs and that motivate them to achieve their best results. We have therefore created a collection of learning resources especially for the region, available along side our extensive collection of global materials.

Arab and international experts have collaborated to produce these texts that truly engage learners in the learning process. By drawing on local topics and ideas, and written with cultural sensitivities in mind, our Arab-specific materials are a popular choice for educators throughout the region looking to give their learners the very best in international expertise alongside a deep appreciation of their cultural heritage and background. Such resources include the widely acclaimed Social Studies for Saudi Arabia and My Gulf World and Me series, an easy way for teachers to engage young learners with everyday topics whilst effectively developing vocabulary. Both these resources draw on the very best of Pearson international expertise and apply it in a way that resonates with local learners.

To find out more about these resources, and many others in our collection, click here.