New edition of Brooks’ Financial Management: Core Concepts helps non-specialist students master the fundamentals of financial operations

Using tools, making connections and studying for success are the three learning skills at the heart of the new edition of Financial ManagementCore Concepts by Raymond Brooks. Considering the key elements of financial operations, it encourages students to forge connections between ideas and real-world situations. 

This textbook makes finance interesting and accessible to students by relating it to their personal experiences and exploring this field across all disciplines.

New and updated content includes:

  • Updated key finance concepts, including TVM (time value of money), rates of return and interest rates are covered early.
  • Renewed focus on connecting students, and their personal financial experiences, with the world of corporate finance to engage them.
  • New chapter teaches students to distinguish calculating the value of a firm as a whole and its value to the owner.
  • Additional insight added on ratio analysis by expanding the horizon for analysis, with data comparisons over an extended time frame.
  • Putting Finance to Work career snapshots demonstrate how finance can be applied to various fields of work.
  • Illustrations help readers “see” or visualize important financial concepts.

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Supporting your online or blended course management

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Enriching students’ independent study experience

  • Excel Projects help students to practice important finance skills, with immediate results and personalized, detailed feedback.
  • Mobile access to useful online resources means they can study whenever and wherever is most convenient for them.
  • Dynamic Study Modules support an adaptive study process of test-learn-retest until they master the material. 
  • They perform financial calculations as they’re completing homework assignments with MyLab’s in-built Financial Calculator or the downloadable financial calculator app.
  • They can see their performance and activity in real time, showing them what they’ve understood and where they need more practice.

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