Student engagement is enhanced by revised structure of popular math text

This 6th edition of a popular math for economics textbook has lots of new and updated content.

Students will acquire the key mathematical skills needed to master and succeed in economics and enjoy enhanced engagement with popular text, Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis (Sydsaeter, Hammond, Strom & Carvajal) thanks to the extended and revised structure of the 6th edition. New and updated content now includes:

  • Concave and convex functions, multiple integrals, eigenvalues and quadratic forms.
  • Exercises and worked examples throughout each chapter to practice skills and improve techniques.
  • Chapter reviews test understanding of a topic and give students confidence to progress.

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Lecturers around the world see the Impact of providing practice with instant feedback 

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We hope that you’ll choose Essential Mathematics for Economic Analysis (Sydsaeter, Hammond, Strom & Carvajal) and MyLab Math for your next course.