Updated text offers a practical and modern approach to systems analysis and design

The revised edition of Systems Analysis and Design from authors Kendall and Kendall considers the rapid changes in the Information Systems (IS) field over the past four years and presents the latest systems development tools and techniques.

  • New material on responsive Web design, skeuomorphic design vs flat design, UX design, work-sanctioned social media sites, text analytics software, big data and data analytics.
  • Coverage of new developments – including responsive design, DevOps, using blockchains, listening to user stories, virtual reality and intelligent personal assistants.
  • Expanded material on cloud computing, designing dashboards using infographics and using QR codes for improved data entry.
  • Updated content on agile methods – including Scrum, Scrum planning poker, sprint cycle and burndown charts.
  • Guidance on the importance of security from the outset of a project.
  • Additional material on database security, privacy, improving cloud security and business continuity and disaster recovery.

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We hope that you’ll choose the new edition of Systems Analysis and Design by Kendall and Kendall for your next IS course.