Assessment for Workforce Development

Next generation assessment and learning

Our assessment solutions have moved far beyond the "fill in the bubble" testing of days gone by.

Institutions across the Middle East rely on Pearson testing and assessment because our innovative, technology-driven, performance based assessment systems are highly effective and accurate measures of what students can do and know - they are no longer a one-dimensional snapshot of student achievement.

Like our stakeholders in this region, we believe assessment and testing solutions should help learners become problem solvers and critical thinkers and prepare them for life and work in the 21st Century. At the heart of each of our assessment solutions is a commitment to fostering and measuring 21st Century skills and readying learners for future education or career success.

Learning outcomes are at the heart of every assessment solution Pearson creates - whether it is for a kindergarten student or university graduate.

Our Global Scale of English connects all our assessment options for ELT - PTE Academic, PTE General, Versant and Progress - helping create a wholistic approach to English language learning and assessment.