Workforce Development

Reducing the skills gap

All around the world, social stability and economic growth are being threatened by an escalating skills gap – a disconnect between education systems and employment needs that is costing businesses and governments billions. But the social impact is perhaps far greater, as millions of well-educated, talented and ambitious young people struggle to find employment or prosper in their careers.

Youth unemployment is a problem common to countries everywhere, but perhaps nowhere is this challenge greater than here in the Arab World where a rapidly increasing youth population is finding it hard and harder to secure meaningful employment.

There is no silver-bullet to this challenge but the answers are clear. Learners, whatever their stage of education, need to be better prepared for the needs of the modern workforce. Never before has it been so important to embed employability and workskills at the heart of a student’s learning experience. And never has the need been more pressing to encourage today’s students to choose qualifications and career paths that align with the demands of our region’s industries. We also need to ensure that those in the workforce are given the opportunity to continually develop their skills, regardless of age, sector or profession.

Pearson works closely with governments, educators and institutions throughout the region to make a prosperous future for our young people a reality, giving them the skills, qualifications, tools and resources necessary to enter employment and carve out rewarding careers.