Lebanon School Leadership Programme

Pearson and Lebanon’s Educational Research Center (ERC) are working together to design and deliver a professional development programme that will be undertaken by 300 school principals and 900 school administrators across Lebanon.

The programme, funded by the World Bank, forms part of the Lebanese Government’s ambitious Education Sector Development Plan, which is currently being implemented by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education (MEHE). The plan will contribute to the achievement of Lebanon’s ‘New Vision of the Effective School’, which focuses on improving teaching and learning in government schools through more participatory, collaborative and effective leadership amongst principals, administrators and teachers.

The school leadership project will help Lebanese schools achieve the vision by:

  • defining and developing the skills and competencies of principals and administrators to develop more effective school leadership;
  • ensuring that school based planning is focused on advancing teaching and learning, by improving operations and practices to better meet the needs of all learners;
  • raising student achievement;
  • leveraging research-based methodologies to develop the skills and knowledge of participants and enhance the quality of teaching and learning;
  • developing an assessment tool to enable principals to reflect on their own performance, and which will subsequently be used to evaluate principals’ performance;
  • driving alignment across the entirety of the program, leading to a unified system of accountability, assessment, and continuous professional growth, and providing capacity for future professional development in Lebanon.