ADEC Student Competency Framework

Pearson was commissioned by ADEC's Private Schools and Quality Assurance (PSQA) sector to develop a Student Competency Framework for Abu Dhabi’s private schools as part of its new strategic plan for 2013-2017. The new strategy emphasises the need for educational reform within private schools in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The educational reform will be achieved through several initiatives, one of which is the development and implementation of a Student Competency Framework (SCF) for all private schools, setting out expected learning outcomes for students regardless of each school’s chosen curricula.

Phase I of the project, which was completed in July 2014, included the development of a comprehensive grade level framework detailing the expected competences and learning outcomes for all students at each grade from K to 12. In addition, a detailed implementation plan, a guidance document for schools and a set of key performance indicators were also developed.