Educator Development

Driving learner outcomes through educator effectiveness

Effective educators are fundamental to successful educational outcomes, at all levels. Part of what makes a good teacher great is their passion for wanting to continually learn and improve, making them the best teacher they can possibly be. We see all of the time the difference teachers like this make in the lives of those they teach, inspiring and motivating learners to realise their potential and exceed their learning ambitions.

More than ever there is a need here in the Middle East for great teachers. Teachers who have the skills and the tools to embrace the latest pedagogies, the most dynamic resources and the most efficacious digital tools. Teachers who have the drive and the knowledge needed to enact educational reform and change the future of a whole generation.

Pearson works with schools, universities, colleges, education ministries and governments across the region to make good educators great. Educator development for educators and school administrators is at the heart of what we do. Whether it is a course for an individual or a specially designed education reform project for thousands, Pearson has the global expertise and regional experience to make any educator development programme a success.