Taibah University eLearning Project

Taibah University has partnered with Pearson to deliver state-of-the-art educational technology on its campus, helping first year university students achieve their learning potential through dynamic and engaging personalised digital learning  programmes. The partnership is helping promote the Saudi Government’s vision of establishing eLearning as the norm in the Kingdom’s higher education institutes.

Under the new agreement, Pearson provides students undertaking the University’s prep year programme with cutting-edge eLearning technology, including the CODiE Award winner CourseConnect. This eLearning technology allows students to access digital learning content offline and online via mobile telephone, tablet device, laptop or desktop computer. The technology, which has been customised especially for Saudi learners, will be accompanied with Saudi specific content in the STEM subjects and a faculty transformation programme.

The new technology is welcomed by educators at the University who believe it can improve student results because it allows for more personalised and engaging learning. Instructors have also embraced the technology because it makes more efficient, effective use of teaching time, and gives them more flexibility in the way they teach.

Taibah University’s Dean of the Preparatory Year Programme, says:

“This software has proven efficacy in improving student outcomes by increasing student motivation and attendance. Studies have shown that students are more likely to connect with course content, understand course concepts and retain key information when they use eTexts. Saudi’s university students are very tech-savvy, and expect their education to reflect the latest developments in digital and online learning. The software that we are employing has been specifically designed to connect with young learners, and make their education more relevant and engaging. eText includes features such as the ability to highlight text or add notes, and even share these notes with other students or their teachers. Students can also check their understanding of key course concepts through additional programmes available with the technology – all functions that help to improve students’ overall results”. 

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