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  • Assessment for Learning in Times of Online Teaching

    Current English Language Teaching calls for a process that must include three pillars: 21st Century Skills, CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) and AFL (Assessment for Learning.) All three strengthen the well-known and longstanding principles of cognitivism, learner centered teaching, critical thinking and student self-awareness of the learning process. The question this article ponders is if these pillars, particularly AFL, can be taught correctly in the times we are living of online teaching due to the closing of school buildings in procurement of social distancing, and if so, how?

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  • 5 ideas for taking active learning online

    When students are actively learning, they are making connections to their own lives, questioning, and collaborating, which we know leads to more significant, durable learning outcomes. In the classroom, we deliberately plan learning activities and discussion to engage learners and keep them active. We stay alert during class to pick up on cues that learners are tuning out or struggling so we can pivot and improvise as needed.

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