K-12 English

Strong English language skills are one of the main goals of many learners across the Middle East. Regardless of the level of education they are undertaking or their educational goals, learners in this region are acutely aware that their level of English will play an important role in their future - whether it is in further study, travel, work or business.

Pearson has therefore put English language at the centre of our offering. Whether it is digital solutions, teaching and learning resources, qualifications or assessments, Pearson offers a full ecosystem of English language tools for the  K-12 sector - all designed to ensure maximum learner engagement and teacher effectiveness.

Some of our favourite English language resources in this region include:

Big English is a programme that can be used for US or UK English that engages students with fun, exciting topics and prepares them to become productive citizens of the world. In addition to a balanced integrated skills approach to instruction, the course includes a CLIL strand and an emphasis on 21st century skills, challenging students to be creative, to think critically and to collaborate with their classmates.

New Challenges builds students' confidence with a clear approach to grammar and vocabulary, and with exercises to develop spoken and written language. New Challenges is a complete course that uses cross-cultural topics to bring the real world into the classroom, making it relevant for students and encouraging them to think about the world around them. 

Next Move is a 21st Century course focused on building English language skills for today’s students who are ‘Digital Natives’, born in an era of websites, social media, testing and gaming. Next Move takes this into account over its four levels of courses designed for secondary students, covering CEFR levels from A1 to B1. 

Pearson English Readers are popular stories, films and TV shows rewritten to motivate English learners. The popular series is known for its fun, efficient and flexible approach to learning. Every title includes teaching support material, sample downloads and much more.

MyEnglishLabs are online components designed to complement your favourite English language course from Pearson. Whether you need to extend the contact hours you have with your students, make homework a more meaningful exercise, or want deeper insight into the areas in which your students need more practice, MyEnglishLabs are the solution.

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