K-12 Academic Qualifications

Our K-12 academic qualifications are highly acclaimed around the world for quality, accessibility and relevance. Millions of learners undertake our academic qualifications every year, as learners know these qualifications prepare them for future success, whether it is their pursuits in higher education or the workforce.

Here is a list of our K-12 qualifications currently on offer in the Middle East:

International Primary Curriculum (recommended for ages 8-11)

Designed specifically for international schools, the Edexcel International Primary Curriculum is available for English, Maths and Science. Based on the UK National Curriculum Key Stage 2, it gives learners a well-rounded education while giving teachers an easy-to-implement framework and an easy way to monitor progress.

Download the Primary Curriculum brochure to find out more.

International Lower Secondary Curriculum (recommended for ages 12-14)

Designed specifically for international schools, the Edexcel International Lower Secondary Curriculum is based on the UK National Curriculum Key Stage 3. It provides excellent preparation for International GCSEs and GCE A levels (or equivalent) through a structured curriculum for English, maths and science.

Download the International Lower Secondary Curriculum brochure to find out more.

GCSE (recommended for ages 14-16)

General Certificates of Secondary Education are usually studied full time, taking two years to complete. Short courses are also available, and adult learners can take evening classes or teach themselves. There are no formal entry requirements and no age limits.

GCSE courses mainly involve studying the theory of a subject combined with some investigative work. Each qualification is at Level 1 or 2 on the National Qualifications Framework, depending on the grade you achieve.  

View the GCSE page here.

International GCSE (recommended for ages 14-16)

Our suite of 39 Edexcel International GCSE subject qualifications is aimed at 14 to 16 year-olds and is renowned for learner engagement. Designed to prepare learners for further study, including GCE A levels, BTEC or employment, our globally recognised Edexcel International GCSEs create exciting progression opportunities for learners all around the world.

View the International GSCE catalogue here.

GCE AS and A level (recommended for ages 16-19)

Our Edexcel GCE (AS and A level) qualifications are designed to provide a broad educational basis for further education or for moving into employment within a specific sector. Studied over two years, these prestigious qualifications are recognised all over the world and provide direct access to university education (particularly in the UK).

Visit the Edexcel GCE pages to find out more.

International Advanced Level

The international version of A levels, our Edexcel International Advanced Levels have been written to the highest standard, with the global learner in mind, and are recognised by universities across the world. Available in 12 popular subjects, they offer progression from our GCSEs or International GCSEs and can be taken alongside Edexcel A levels or BTEC or LCCI qualifications to give students a comprehensive choice of subjects. Edexcel International Advanced Level qualifications are not available to UK schools.

Visit the Edexcel International Advanced Levels pages to learn more.