K-12 Learning Resources

Empowering teachers and learners

Pearson is perhaps best known for its state-of-the-art learning resources - resources which have engaged, inspired and motivated learners for generations.

Pearson is immensely proud of the impact its learning resources have had in helping learners all around the world enjoy a positive and rewarding learning experience.  

Here in the Middle East, our learning resources are utilised by educators and learners from pre-school, through to higher education and professional training. Our resources are available as print, blended or fully digital programmes, catering to the different learning needs of different learners. We have combined our far-reaching international experience with decades of local knowledge to create resource collections that truly meet the unique learning needs and challenges of the region. The focus of our resources is on successfully preparing learners for entry into the workforce or further study, either in the Middle East or further afield.

Whether you are a primary or secondary educator, we have resources to meet your needs, covering the US, UK and IB curriculum. We also offer educator and learner resources for our BTEC and LCCI qualifications.