Connect biology with the world outside the classroom for your students

This updated popular biology text helps students to connect biology concepts and scientific research for a deeper understanding of the subject. Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections (Taylor, Simon, Dickey & Hogan) now includes vital learning support features in each chapter:

  • Figure Walkthroughs with narrated explanations – guiding deeper understanding.
  • Connection Modules – linking to examples of issues in the world outside the classroom.
  • Evolution Connection Modules – demonstrating evolution as a theme for the study of life.
  • Career photos – highlighting careers that relate to a general biology course.

Dynamic and assignable teaching tools for deeper understanding of concepts

Mastering Biology is our online homework, tutorial and assessment program that helps students master key concepts. New Figure Walkthroughs can now be assigned to students to support their understanding. Updated and assignable Dynamic Study Modules in the new edition course feature matching and multiple-choice questions specific to Campbell Biology: Concepts & Connections.

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Instructors around the world use Mastering to drive higher exam averages

Instructors around the world use Mastering to drive higher exam averagesInstructors at Santa Rosa Junior College, USA use Mastering Biology to administer graded homework with automatic feedback and to provide students with additional resources for extra help and support. Initial analysis has shown that students who do more extra credit Mastering assignments get significantly higher exam averages than students who skip one or more assignment. In addition, 87% of students surveyed agreed that Mastering homework helped them do better on exams.

Student Survey Responses (n=24):

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