New edition of Hibbeler’s Structural Analysis clarifies concepts for practical application

This post is about the new edition of a popular Structural Engineering textbook. 

The 10th edition of this popular text introduces, clarifies and expands on the course concepts with a focus on problem-solving and practical application

  • Reinforcing the importance of modeling a structure so it can be used in computer analysis.
  • A new discussion of catenary cables.
  • Further clarification for drawing moment and deflection diagrams for beams and frames.
  • New two-color art and photorealistic illustrations representing the 3-D nature of structural engineering
  • Preliminary problems – simple applications of concepts that help students develop problem-solving and critical thinking skills, so they can apply theory to realistic practical situations.

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Figure 1. Average Exam Scores, Fall 2013 (n=50) and Fall 2014 (n=88); Err Bars = Stand Err; *p<.05 (Note: In Fall 2014, pre-lecture assignments were added after exam 1.)

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