Refreshed popular Calculus text introduces new features to help students ‘get the idea’

This post is about the new edition of a popular Calculus textbook. Offering more built-in guidance than any other text in its field, this new edition of Calculus for Business, Economics, Life Sciences, and Social Sciences  by Barnett et al has a host of features to help students to study on their own or revise key topics. The enhanced design and updated data and applications will really help students “get the idea”.

This 14th edition introduces:

  • Clean page layout that is free of potentially distracting elements – particularly appealing to visual learners.
  • Maximized instructional potential of figures through full color rendering.
  • Side margin reminders reinforce learning points and concepts or return students to earlier sections.
  • Rewritten Theorem 3 – making it applicable to more general intervals.
  • New, more intuitive and less technical treatment of the concept of the future value of a continuous income stream.

Driving positive student outcomes through application and practice

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Connors State College saw improved grades
This US college purchases MyLab Math for all students and has integrated it into their virtual learning environment for increased student engagement. (This delivery option is referred to in this study as ‘Pearson Inclusive Access’.)

  1. After Pearson Inclusive Access was implemented at Connors State College, Oklahoma, the percentage of students enrolled in MyLab Math submitting homework assignments increased from 75% to 87%.
  2. Trigonometry students submitted homework assignments within two weeks (previously occurring over a five or six-week period)
  3. Trigonometry student grades improved dramatically – with 74% of students earning anA or B (39% before Inclusive Access)

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