MyEnglishLab allows educators and students to study online. Each MyEnglishLab course provides activities which are fully integrated with coursebooks, along with course-management and assessment tools which make it easy to start teaching right away or customise programs to suit specific teaching situations.

Features and Benefits

For the teacher: 

  • Easy assignment of online homework with the ready-made course related activities
  • Automatic and instant marking frees up class time for teachers to use in a more effective way
  • Flexible preference settings help teachers to control how students do activities
  • Class gradebook automatically collates all students’ grades in one convenient place
  • Performance charts allow teachers to monitor performance at a glance and identify class or individual weaknesses which require further work
  • Additional tools allow teachers to create or change activities and tailor the course to suit the needs of their class

For the student:

  • Unlimited access to MyEnglishLab whether students are in a lab setting, studying at home or work or on the go offers more opportunities for study
  • Personalised gradebook to motivate students to study more and improve their results
  • Communication tools extend learning opportunities outside the classroom
  • Personalised learning in a non-threatening environment with the option of assignment of individual tasks to specific students
  • Discussion board gives students the opportunity to share their opinions with their class

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