English Qualifications

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With over 5,400 centres in 92 countries, schools, colleges, universities, governments, training providers and employers around the world trust Pearson's globally recognised qualifications as a mark of quality, credibility and excellence. Our reputation is built on our decades of experience in all corners of the globe.

Every year, we award more than 1 million BTEC vocational qualifications and process more than 9 million exam scripts. Whether its academic or skills-based qualifications, from primary school through to post-graduate study, we offer the world's largest range of internationally accredited qualifications - helping learners of all ages and abilities achieve their learning goals.

Here in the Middle East, our qualifications have equipped thousands of people with the skills, knowledge and behaviours needed to progress onto the next stage of their education or career. Our qualifications are recognised by top universities all around the world and are viewed by employers as a sign of real-world skills and workplace expertise.