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  • Open Ideas: Research worth sharing in the world of education

    by Bahar Varicioglu

    How do we learn, and what keeps us motivated to do so? What is the body of knowledge and skills that Middle East learners need as they move into the second half of the 21st century? How can smart digital technologies be best deployed to realise the region’s goal of a more personalised education? How can we build education systems that provide high quality learning opportunities to all? These questions are too important for the best ideas to stay only in the lecture theatre, on the bookshelf, or alone in one classroom. Instead they need to be accessible to all, shared and debated openly, adopted and refined, as Bahar Varicioglu, Pearson’s Efficacy Lead in the Middle East, explains.

    In today’s world of rapidly changing economic and social demands, effective, relevant and continuous education has become the key to increase someone’s chance of success in life. Governments, policy makers and educators in the Middle East, and all around the world, constantly search for and debate about how to improve the educational outcomes, as they make decisions and take actions effecting the lives of millions of learners. While making those decisions, all the stakeholders in the education community need to stay informed about the latest evidence and insights on what is happening in the world of teaching and learning – asking what really works in education and what doesn’t?

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