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  • Pearson Middle East Celebrates its 20th Year Anniversary

    Celebrates 20 Anniversary

    Dubai, UAE – Pearson Middle East has reached an exciting milestone as the company celebrates 20 years of delivering a range of teaching and learning services in the region, powered by technology that aims to help people progress in their lives through learning.

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  • Pearson and Nesta announce research initiative designed to predict the skills and competencies required for employment in 2030

    Research should help to shed light on the future of the workforce, and develop education systems that will fulfil future workforce demands.

    Dubai: Learning company Pearson and innovation foundation Nesta today announce a research partnership in collaboration with Michael Osborne (Oxford Martin School) which is designed to provide businesses, governments and education experts with new insights and evidence about the skills and competencies which will be required in the future economy.

    Through Employment in 2030: Skills, Competencies & the Implications for Learning, the research team will provide recommendations for how education, job training and other workforce development efforts can shift practice today in an attempt to better prepare the workforce of tomorrow.

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  • Pearson launches Teacher Professional Development Service in the Middle East

    Service aims to improve teacher standards throughout the region

    Pearson has announced the launch of a new service in the Middle East designed to improve the quality of education and training received by the region’s teachers.

    The Pearson Teacher Professional Development Service has been officially available throughout the Middle East since October 1st, 2016. The launch will allow schools, training centres and government departments to have access to teacher professional development content, as well as having their delivery of this content quality assured.

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  • Results of Global Teacher Effectiveness Survey released for the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar

    Students in the region value disposition over knowledge when assessing what makes an effective teacher.

    Pearson has announced the results of a global teacher effectiveness survey conducted across 23 countries, including the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    Survey participants, which included students, teachers, parents, and school administrators were asked, “what do you think are the most important qualities of an effective teacher?”.

    Survey respondents did not focus on how much a teacher knew or what kind of teaching methods he or she used, but rather on the teacher’s disposition. The most common response in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as in the other countries surveyed was that it is relationships between teachers and students that matter most.

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