About Us

Education is changing... 

...through improved teaching and learning methods, through ever more innovative technologies and accessibility, and through the wide social impact of economic change.

As the largest education company on earth, Pearson is uniquely placed to help drive and enable these positive changes – helping more people make measureable progress in their lives through learning.

By combining our deep experience in education and creating engaging content with innovative technologies and digital delivery, we are helping people teach and learn more effectively: delivering a better education to more people whatever, whenever, wherever and however they choose.

Pearson employs 40,000 people in more than 70 countries. With this unrivalled global and local perspective, combined with a strong commitment to R&D and the advancement of learning experiences, we are uniquely placed to serve and inspire the world’s learners and their growing needs.

Pearson companies offer an unrivalled breadth of educational solutions, covering all levels of education, including:

• Curriculum development
• Qualification design
• Multi-language teaching and learning resources
• Learning platforms
• Teaching and learning resources
• Management Information Systems (MIS)
• Learning Management Systems (LMS)
• Testing and assessment services
• Professional development
• Online and digital learning tools